A Taste of Napoli-Pizzeria Pulcinella

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Yesterday I was in a mood for pizza, and not the kind of pizza from the American and UK pizza chains, but the authentic Italian Neapolitan pizza. And my search for the Neapolitan or pizza from Naples led me to Pizzeria Pulcinella.

Pizzeria Pulcinella is a pizzeria started by Chef Domenico and his wife Claudia, who are from Naples in Italy. You can expect the Napoli-style of cooking that aims to preserve the flavors of the fresh ingredients. And most of the ingredients used in the restaurant are sourced from Italy.

Pizzeria Pulcinella has two outlets in Dubai- Barsha and Dubai Sports City. They also have a food truck in front of Atlantis, The Palm. We visited the Barsha outlet.

Authentic Italian food in Dubai
The restaurant has a vibe of a rustic pizzeria. The interiors are simple and homey. The pizzeria is small and cozy. It also houses the Napoli oven inside the restaurant, so we got a chance to watch our pizza being made. They have a small retail space for selling Italian pasta, olive oil etc.

What makes Pulcinella special? This is what Pizzeria Pulcinella has to say:

All that is good about Napolitain cuisine has been imported to Dubai and what we have is a family run restaurant managed by people who have grown up in the business in Naples, who have developed their expertise to a level of excellence. Dining at the restaurant is indeed enjoying a family experience in the home of Chef Domenico and his wife Claudia.

Pizzeria Pulcinella
For drinks, we ordered Lemon & Mint and Orange & Carrot Juice. It was the regular juice, that you get everywhere. 

We were offered complimentary basket of Bread. Wish it was fresh!

We were recommended by their restaurant supervisor to try their signature dish Parmigiana for our appetizer. It had sliced eggplant, fried and layered with slow-cooked tomatoes, fresh mozarella and topped with basil. Thé Parmigiana tasted wonderful, no wonder it’s one of the popular dishes at Pulcinella.

For main course, we decided to have a large pizza and pasta.

Ortolana Pizza is a classic pizza named after garden produce. It consisted of tomato sauce, mozzarella, bell peppers, black olives, zucchini, eggplant, sliced mushrooms and basil. The pizza was simple, fresh and utterly delicious. We loved it.

As a huge lover of Gnocchi, I had to order their Gnocchi alla Sorrentina. Thick, soft gnocchi came in a rich tomato sauce and was served with mozzarella, grana padano cheese and fresh basil. It was a bit on the heavier side, but nevertheless tasted fantastic. 

Baked pie
We ended our dinner with their dessert Cassata Al Forno. It is a baked pie filled with delicious cream made of ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. At Pulcinella, they didn’t add the chocolate chips and hence it didn’t taste that great and it was bit dry too.

Our overall experience was alright. Except the bread and dessert, we liked everything. The service was extremely slow. The reason given for slow service was that, they were short-staffed on that day. 

Phone: 04 277 6281

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