BouBouffe Lebanese Restaurant at Bay Square 

BouBouffe Dubai
My last night’s dinner at BouBouffe Lebanese Restaurant started on a disastrous note. The restaurant has clear glass walls and clear glass doors and its pitch dark outside the restaurant and I walked through the glass door and hurt myself badly. I am still nursing a swollen lip and pain in my nose and Jaw.

The first and foremost thing, I would suggest to the restaurant is to do something about the door, and add some bright lights in their outdoor area. Thankfully, the food was decent.

In Dubai, there is no shortage of Lebanese restaurants, but what made me visit BouBouffe is their delicious home-style food. 

BouBouffe is a Lebanese Brassiere that was first established in Beirut in 1976. A year ago, they opened an outlet in Dubai. The Dubai outlet is situated in Bay Square in Business Bay

Avocado shake
BouBouffe is a casual dining restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining space. Their menu is vast with lot of amazing options.

We started our dinner with couple of drinks- Avocado Beiruti and fresh Watermelon Juice

Our dinner experience 

With a good variety of salads, soups, cold and hot mezze, charcoal Shawarma, sandwiches, Arayes, Lebanese burgers, BBQ grills, mains and desserts, we were really spoilt for choice.

Lebanese restaurants in Dubai
Here’s a list of food that we ordered at BouBouffe:

  • Beetroot, Rocca & Pine Nuts- It was a refreshing salad served with lemon dressing.
  • Hummus Beiruti- Its one of their signature cold mezze dish, where hummus was topped with chilli and fava beans.
  • Raheb- Tasty and flavorful Raheb was made with grilled eggplant, tomato, onion, green pepper and herbs.
  • Foul- Fresh home cooked foul was made with fava beans, chickpeas and garlic.
  • Spiced Potato- This is my all-time-favorite hot mezze dish. It was spicy and tangy.
  • Moujodara- It was a wholesome dish made with rice and lentils that was garnished with crispy onions.

  • Cheese Rolls- These were the samosas filled with cheese, that was not fried but baked. We liked this healthy option.
  • Cheese Arayes- Grilled Arabic bread filled with Emmental cheese was served with tomato and cucumber. We relished it.

To sweeten our palate, we ordered the Knefeh, it had Knefeh cheese, topped with baked crust and served with sweet syrup. It was a bit of a letdown as it didn’t taste fresh.

Overall, a decent dining experience. The service was good. 

Phone: 800 268268333

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