Cooking Made Easy And Simple With Thermomix 

Thermomix in Middle East
As a mother of two kids, I am always dishing out something healthy for my family. But cooking can get tiring sometimes with chopping, kneading, grinding etc. And I wish there was an appliance that would make my life easy. When Monica of DoinDubai invited me for Thermomix Demo followed by lunch at Thermomix distributor’s office as a part of her BME( Blogger Managed Event) naturally I was interested, as I had heard a lot about Thermomix.

About Thermomix :

Thermomix is a cooking appliance, designed and manufactured to the highest standards by the German company Vorwerk. It’s a kitchen gadget like no other as it steams, weighs, chops, grinds, kneads, processes and cooks. Thermomix is an extremely versatile appliance that will help you achieve perfect results whatever your style of cooking. Everyday cooking has never been this simple or easy.

Thermomix in Dubai
How it works :

Thermomix comes in one size, it has a machine and a jar. It offers 3 modes to cook, we have to choose the one we prefer- Manual cooking, Guided cooking and Automated recipes.

Thermomix performs the functions of 12 electrical appliances like Steaming, Emulsifying, Weighing, Blending, Chopping, Grinding, Kneading, Cooking, Mixing, Milling, Precise Heating and Whipping. It’s an all in one electrical appliance for our kitchen. Thermomix is a sleek and compact machine that will not occupy much storage space in the kitchen. In my own words, I call it a smart appliance. 

Thermomix recipes
My experience at the Thermomix demo:

As I reached the Thermomix office, I was handed a diverse and extensive menu of 13 items that would be made with Thermomix in 2 hours. 

The menu consisted of drinks, nibbles, starters, mains and desserts. We were showed a demo of all the items in the menu, and in fact, we also took part in preparing some of the dishes with the guidance of Anthie(Distributor for Thermomix Middle East) and her colleague through Thermomix machine. 

I found the machine, very easy to use, super quick and simple. It is also vegetarian, vegan and paleo friendly. 

Thermomix office in Dubai
Would I buy Thermomix or recommend it to others?

The answer is Yes. Thermomix is a fantastic cooking appliance with many benefits. It is such a time saver, versatile, non messy, easy to clean  and easy to use machine. I loved the fact that I can say bye, bye to expensive readymade food from stores and can prepare an array of quick and easy dishes with fresh ingredients at a fraction of the price. 

Where can I buy a Thermomix in Dubai?

It’s not possible to buy Thermomix from a shop or online. It can only be bought via distributors. If you’d like to see for yourself the versatility of the machine and how it could help in your cooking challenges , then it’s best to book a demo via the distributor.

 Demos are completely Free  with no obligation to buy. They can travel to you or you can come to them, whatever suits you. Their office is situated in Al Barsha Business Square

How much does it cost?

The cost of Thermomix TM5, the latest model at the moment is AED 5,100. It comes as a complete package with all it’s accessories, a cookbook, a recipe chip and two years warranty for household use. They deliver and demonstrate free of charge, if you are in an area covered by them.

Do you want to avail their special offer?

They are having a special offer at the moment. People who purchase before the 15th of February 2017 can get an extra cookbook or recipe chip free of charge or you can take advantage of their ‘Free interest installment option’ where you can buy the Thermomix at AED 5,100 and pay in 5 installments(no extra book for the installment option). 

Do mention my blog name-Megsblogged in your email for a special hosting gift. 

To schedule a demo or an enquiry or for the installment option, you can call them on 04 399 5596 or email them on .

For a detailed review, you can check ‘s website. 

Cooking with kitchen appliances
P.S.- Above are some of the food pictures from the Thermomix demo that was all cooked from scratch using Thermomix cooking appliance. We also got to eat them after the demo.

Author: Meghana

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