Kimchikin-Al Ghurair Centre 

Established in 2000, Kimchikin is a Korean fast food restaurant chain. It has outlets all across Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Ras Al Khaimah. In Dubai they have four outlets, I visited their newest outlet, which is the Al Ghurair Centre one. Kimchikin serves up the traditional Korean dishes with a contemporary international twist.

Located in the Ground level of the Al Ghurair Centre, Kimchikin has a cosy and comfy atmosphere. The interiors of the restaurant is vibrant, bright and minimalistic. I found the restaurant, quite charming. The plasma television on the wall was playing the latest K Pop hits. 

I had my friend Gillian for company. After being handed the menu, we realized that the veg options were few. I tried almost all the veg options and Gillian tried their signature non veg ones. Before I start writing about my food experience, let me give you few other details.

The Name

Kimchi is a fermented Korean side dish, made of vegetables and a variety of seasonings. According to ‘Health Magazine’ it is one of the ‘Top Five World’s Healthiest Foods’ for being rich in vitamins, aiding digestion and even possibly reducing cancer growth.

Their chicken is way different from other brands like KFC etc.  They use unique sauces and cooking techniques. The chicken at Kimchikin is double fried in a trans-fat free 100% vegetable oil with controlled temperature, that brings an extra crispy texture without the grease. Yes, Kimchikin offers a healthier option.

So Kimchi+Chicken = Kimchikin 

Aloe Juice
As the outlet we visited was new, they only had water, aloe juice and soft drinks available. We ordered the Aloe juice, it is the ultimate healthy juice. What better way to start a meal, than a refreshing healthy drink.

Here’s a list of food that we tried:

Kimchi,Fermented food

  • Kimchi Fried Rice had a medley of fermented cabbage and otherveggies. It was spicy and scrumptious.
  • Twigim were crispy and as they were deep fried. These deep fried vegetables and seaweed roll fritters were tasty, but only wish it was less oily.
  • CrisCut Fries were well seasoned and it was such a delight to munch them.

Crispy fried chicken

  • Bulgogi Rice had stir fried marinated beef in soy sauce with fresh veggies over steamed rice. According to Gillian, the stir fried beef was tender and cooked perfectly. It had a delicate flavor. She would have preferred a little more sauce, so it could flavor the portion of steamed rice adequately.
  • Yangnyum Chicken were bite sized, authentic Korean style fried chicken. The portion size was perfect. It was super crispy, tasty and flavorful.

The desserts were not available in their menu. Their menu is small and simple. The pricing is reasonable and affordable. Overall, we were satisfied with our meal.

For more info or delivery call- 04 348 3311
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Author: Meghana

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