World’s First 3D Printer For Candies Unveiled In Candylicious, Dubai

On 29th of February I was invited to attend the launch of the world’s first 3D gummy candy printer at Candylicious, Dubai Mall. Candylicious launched magical 3D printed gummy candy through Magic Candy Factory.  

Candylicious is the Middle East’s largest candy store and one of the largest in the world. This gigantic candy store is stretched over 115,00 square feet and offers more than 5,500 types of candy- from old fashioned candies to the latest gourmet chocolates and health bars. 

Magic Candy Factory brings sweet dreams to life through state of the art 3D printing technology.  The candies are 100% vegan, halal, GMO free, nut free and non dairy. They are made with natural ingredients. The gummy candies taste utterly delicious.

The candies printed in the machines are not only for kids, they are for people of all ages- for all the sweet lovers. 

Now you can create candies of your imagination, express your feelings with candied sweets, cards and logos. Customize your own candy and it only takes 3-5 minutes. Amazing isn’t it!

How does it work?

Step 1- Choose the candy of your choice.

Step 2- Choose your message, shape and design. 

Step 3- Magic candy is printed.

Magic candies comes in various shapes like octopus, heart, snowflakes,butterflies, starfishes  and so on. Magic Candy Factory has also introduced ‘Candylicious Exclusive’ shapes such as  sharks, stingrays, dinos and the Dubai skyline. It comes in different flavors like cherry, tropical, mango and lemon. 

Magic Candy is made and customized on spot within five minutes. And it is ready to be eaten.

The initial launch price is AED 50 and regular price is AED 65 per delicious concoction. There are more than 8 fruity flavors and 20 fun designs that can be customized with names, a candy greeting card and other personal details.

Magic Candy Factory is located next to the gourmet chocolate section in Candylicious store.

It is such an unique and fun concept. I am sure it will be a great hit on kids birthdays.  And yes, perfect gift to give on Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day and various other occasions.


Author: Meghana

I live in Dubai. I am passionate about traveling, food, reading, theatre, art, music, fashion, writing, tennis and photography. I love to explore new places, whether it is a country, restaurant, art gallery or a play. This blog will mostly cover food, lifestyle, travel and books. Come join me in my will enjoy the ride!

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