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If you are looking for a healthy and tasty pizza then look no further than  Freedom Pizza. They offer pizzas made with multi grain crust and organic vegetables. They also have gluten free and vegan option as well. You can expect only the freshest ingredients in all their food.

They also have options to suit all dietary requirements. Here is the best part- you can order from their website and see the nutritional value of  each and every food stuff that they offer. The calorie count and allergens are also displayed on the website. How impressive is that!?

Freedom Pizza has  5 outlets in Dubai, and will open in Abu Dhabi shortly. They deliver approximately 20k pizzas a week in Dubai. They deliver anywhere in Dubai within 30 minutes.

I happend to visit their Downtown Dubai branch and had a chat with Marianne Mussi who is developing their new products. She gave me an insight about the products and philosophy of Freedom Pizza. 

On 3rd January, they launched a new vegetarian pizza and 2 vegan dessert- The Beetnik Pizza, Strawberry Vegan Cheesecake and Mango Pasho Vegan Cheesecake

I started off my lunch with 2 of their salads, namely- Edamame Salad and Superfoods Salad. They use locally sourced organic vegetables in all their salads. All their salad dressing is freshly made in-store. The salad dressing comes separately in a small box. 

Edamame Salad- It had a mix of greens and veggies like kale leaves, spinach, mint, peas, edamame, spring onions, red Chilli and crumbled goat cheese  with lemon and honey dressing. 

Superfoods Salad- This salad also had a mix of greens and vegetables with cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries,toasted almonds and pumpkin seeds. It came with a raspberry and black pepper vinaigrette- this dressing is excellent. 

I liked both the salads. It was fresh, healthy and tasty. Even their other salads look very interesting. I will definitely try them soon.

We tried two of their pizzas- The Roma and  Beetnik.

The Roma- It is one of the popular pizza at Freedom Pizza. It is a thin crust pizza with red sauce and had toppings like artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes, bocconcini, chunky green olives, basil, parsley and garlic. It was light, crunchy and delicious.

Beetnik- I loved this pizza, it is very different from the other pizzas that I have had, totally recommend it. It had an amazing combination of organic beetroot, spring onion, fennel, parsley, thyme, Spanish Caramelized onion and Dutch goat cheese.

You have an option of choosing their signature pizza or making your own pizza. All their pizzas come in 3 sizes- small, medium and large and 3 kinds of crust- skinny, original and gluten free. They also have an option of vegan cheese.

As for desserts I tried their new Mango Pasho Vegan Cheesecake and Gluten Free Brownies.


Mango Pasho Vegan Cheesecake- It had a smooth cashew cream filling, with a slight hint of coconut and topped with sweet and tangy mix of mango and passion fruit. Instead of crackers, it had an almond base and it is gluten free. Of course, it doesn’t taste like the real cheesecake, but nevertheless it was delicious. 

Gluten Free Brownies- These brownies from Skinny Genie came in a packet and it had four bite sized pieces.  Good for sharing. It was rich, moist and delicious.

Freedom Pizza  has a great menu. Everything is made fresh with high quality ingredients. A must-visit place  for healthy pizza cravings.
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