Parkers-The Mysterious Dining spot

If you are living in Dubai and  you have not yet heard of Parkers, then you must be living under a rock. Since the time it has opened, Parkers is creating a major social media storm. It is a cool concept. You need a key to dine at Parkers- no key, no food.  That’s the policy. Dining in Parkers is nothing less than an adventure. 

How to obtain the key? The keys are hidden in different spots around Dubai. You need to follow them on Snapchat and Instagram, as they give you clues on where they have hidden the keys. It is like going on a treasure hunt. 

I obtained my key through Instagram. My family and I were excited and looking forward to visit Parkers. 

Parkers is an experimental pop up style restaurant. It is located at the Al Khazan Park opposite Citywalk. How was my experience? Did it live up to the hype? Let’s find out!

It is a small outdoor seating area with wooden furniture. It is a cute place, totally frills free. Loved the music: they were playing all the latest radio hits. We went to Parkers on a Wednesday evening and the place was packed. After ten minutes of waiting we got our table. 

The service is top notch. Parkers has young, hip, helpful and friendly staff. The menu is small and simple. So it just took us couple of minutes to order. 

The drinks menu consists of Black lemonade, soft drinks and water. We had the Black lemonade. It is a detox drink made with activated charcoal, lemon juice and sweetener. Though it looks murky, it tastes good.

The food menu offers a salad, fried Mac & cheese, Pretzel chicken sticks, fries, Zatar chips, roasted potatoes and sliders. They have introduced one dessert recently- Lotus cereal can.

As my family and I happen to be vegetarians, we ordered almost everything available in their menu. For vegetarians the options are very limited.

The Zaatar chips and the Street fries were good. We especially loved the coated potato fries, it was topped with cheese and Chilli lime sauce. It is perfect to have in this chilly winter evenings.

The kids loved the fried Mac & Cheese. Three bite sized fried Mac & Cheese came in one serving. It was delicious. Though this is a simple and basic dish it was done well.

There are five kinds of sliders, among them the Quinoa slider is the only veggie option. So  naturally we opted for that. The buns that they use to make sliders are home made and soft. Our Quinoa sliders had Rocca leaves, potato strips, red cabbage and Balsamic sauce. It was one hell of a slider. We loved it. I can just make a trip to Parkers to devour these yummy sliders.

Unfortunately, the dessert( Lotus cereal can) was stocked out. So we couldn’t try it. Anyway there is always a next time.

I totally loved the concept and would want to go back again. But the only negative point is that it is quite pricey for the small portion that they serve.

My advice to the foodies- Go find the key, it is worth it and good luck.

Parker's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Author: Meghana

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