That Place Cafe- Unique Stuffed Bun Concept in Dubai

Lotus Bun

What a time to be in Dubai right now! The food trends are getting more quirky and innovative by the day. There’s one place that made a lot of noise when it opened and the name of that venue is That Place, a cafe in Jumeirah. That Place is a unique cafe that serves up everything in a bun.

That Place is a cosy and cute little cafe in the beautiful neighborhood of Jumeirah. It is a tastefully done cafe with charming interiors. As the USP of this cafe is buns, you’ll see lot of picture frames adorning the walls of the cafe with funny quotes on buns.

Everything from the salt and pepper shakers to milkshake glasses and drawings on the wall is super cute. They also have many different kinds of board games, so its a good idea if you want to hangout with your friends and play endlessly.

That Place Cafe Dubai

That Place is the only stuffed bun concept in UAE. It offers Italian, Indian, Mexican and Lebanese flavors. And all these flavors inside a bun. Imagine pasta, biryani, salsa and sheesh tawook inside a bun…yes, so creative right!

We started off with their signature drinks-Lotus Milkshake and Ginger Karak Chai. The Lotus Milkshake is a simple drink and you can’t go wrong with that. The presentation was really good. The Ginger Karak Chai was excellent and you can easily have 3-4 cups of their perfectly done chai.

Their buns come in single(small) or double(big) size. We tried 4 of their single buns:

  • Honey Cheese Oman consisted of honey and cream cheese spread inside and topped with creamy cheese and bits of Oman chips. It was moreish and delightful.
  • Next we tried Tik Pan(Paneer Tikka) which had a special spicy sauce, paneer tikka bhaji and mozzarella. It was packed with amazing flavor and rich taste.
  • For some Italian flavor, we tried their Mushroom Dancers. It had a delectable combination of Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella and mushrooms inside and topped with a mixture of pesto-tomato sauce, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese from the outside.
  • As our dessert, we ordered their Lotus Crazy. It had creamy Lotus paste, served with candied ginger in a warm milky sauce topped with caramelized walnuts and ice cream. Their Lotus Crazy is heaven in a bite. We absolutely loved it.

That Place Cafe is an incredible concept, their drinks and buns are oh-so-great. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ll be heading back again to try their other buns. You guys, do yourselves a favor and visit this bunilicious place.

Phone: 04 320 0310
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