Hitchki- The Latest Concept within Bazxar DIFC

Hitchki DIFC Dubai
A restaurant within restaurant? Yes, that’s Hitchki for you. Hitchki is the newest and coolest concept within Bazxar in DIFC. If you think Hitchki is just like Bazxar, then you’re wrong, both are different entities but in one venue. Sounds really interesting right!

Hitchki the Indian word for ‘Hiccup’ was born in Mumbai. Slowly but steadily claimed the title of Mumbai’s hottest resto-bar making its international debut with an exclusive concept experience within Bazxar DIFC. Being featured in vogue, Hitchki is the new place to be!

Before Hitchki could open to the public, I was invited to a dinner preview. We were offered a ‘VIP Tasting’ menu with few dishes that were going to be featured in their bigger and extensive regular menu. Hitchki offers Indian food with an international twist or rather Italian twist. 

The atmosphere of Hitchki is fun, friendly and relaxed. It has a casual and funky decor with cool music. I loved the retro vibes of the 80s. 


Hitchki in DIFC Dubai

We were offered two kinds of Indian flavored cocktails- Geeta Babita, a gin and kokum based cocktail that was amazing and Drunken Nimboo Soda, a rum and spritz based cocktail which was disappointing as it was filled with lots of crushed ice and didn’t have any flavor whatsoever.

As a vegetarian, I ordered only the vegetarian food in the menu. Here’s the list of soup, salad, starters, mains and desserts that I had at Hitchki:

The South Indian and Italian inspired Rasam Minestrone soup was a heartwarming and delicious soup with veggies, Indian kidney beans and crisp rice noodles.

Mumbai Ka Julius Caesar was Hitchki’s take on Caesar salad. I’ve always found Caesar salad boring, but Mumbai Ka Julius Caesar was amazing. It was delightful to bite into the crunchy bits of poppadam in the salad.

Bhatti Ka Paneer
We ordered two starters- The succulent and flavarsome Bhatti Ka Paneer which was fabulous. Patrani Chilli Poppers was another standout dish, it had chilli stuffed with cottage cheese and green masala that was rolled in a banana leaf. It was served with homemade kasundi mustard. 

Daal Makhani
For main course, we ordered Daal Makhani, it is one of the most simple dishes and you can’t go wrong with that. It was the regular Daal Makhani that you find in any good Indian restaurant. It was served with Roti.

My favorite was the Kadai Paneer Lasagna that had paneer tikka sheets, ratatouille style Kadai veggies and it was served along with Cheese Garlic Naan. Their delectable Kadai Paneer Lasagna comes totally recommended. 

We had also ordered Aubergine Ka Burrata, but that never arrived.

To sweeten our palate, we were offered Kunafeh Shrikhand that not only looked gorgeous, but tasted great too. We really enjoyed this dessert.

Truffle Gulab Jamun was the other dessert that was served to us. I felt the combination of truffle, ganache and Gulab Jamun didn’t work well. 

We enjoyed our dining experience at Hitchki. I know it was at the time of pre-opening, but the service needs improvement. The service was slow and the staff were not attentive. I liked the fact that all the dishes retained their original flavor though it had Indian cuisine with international fusion, which is great.

For reservations or enquiries call: 04 355 1111

P.S. – All pictures are mine except the picture on the top. The picture on the top is thanks to Hitchki.
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